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Michigan Hockey and Golf Letterwinners Unite for Scott Matzka.

On June 13, Kevin Hinton, Kevin Magnuson, Sean Peach, Mike Affeldt & Jason Anderson will be getting together for "Golf's Longest Day" to raise money for Scott's battle with ALS.

We will be playing from Sun Up to Sun Down and would really appreciate your support. Please make a flat donation on the right or if you prefer to sponsor us per hole, enter your info in the "Pledge Per Hole" section and we will circle back with you with a total after we finish.

Funds raised for Scott will go towards 3 main purposes:
  1. A handicapped van and power wheel chair. Approximately $50k out of pocket. 
  2. A full time health aide is about $175k per year and we are trying to raise 3 years of in-home care.
  3. A start towards a college fund for Scott's children. Approximately $50k per child.

To learn more about Scott and his battle against ALS please check out his TedxUofM talk here.

About Scott

Scott Matzka is a 38 year old father of two that was diagnosed with ALS September of 2015.

As a professional athlete, Scott has spent a lifetime paying close attention to his body and the signals it sends him. So he took notice in the summer of 2014 when he began to experience stiffening in his fingers, cramping and eventually muscle twitches and tremors.

After a referral to the University of Michigan and further tests, doctors diagnosed Scott with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. Unable to function, the muscles gradually weaken and waste away (atrophy). Eventually, the ability of the brain to start and control voluntary movement is lost. Most people with ALS die due to respiratory failure, typically within three to five years from the onset of symptoms. The cause of ALS is unknown and there is no cure.

No turns matter more than the ones we take for those in need. Too often our gifts go to places we will never visit. Benefit people we will never meet.

This turn is different. These needs have names and faces and dreams. They have eyes that tell us so much more than their voices. So take the turn that matters. Support the Matzka family.  

Our Supporters

  1. Kevin Hinton :
  2. Pamela Saul : Thank you for showing us about true friendship, Kevin Hinton!! I am here to support you and your friend!! Let's kick ALS!!
  3. Keely Baribeau :
  4. Susan Hinton : In support of ALS research and Scott and his wonderful family From Sue & Doug Hinton
  5. Kathryn S. Gostinger :
  6. Robert DiVincenzo :
  7. Ann Murphy :
  8. Matt Van Arkel : Stay in the fairway.
  9. Mark Van Faussien : Good stuff! Thanks.
  10. Chris Tamer :
  11. Jacquie Relli :
  12. Jill Hartsell : Praying for Scott and his precious family!
  13. Robert Heath : Scott and family are in our prayers.Grandparents of Carrie Heath and Tyler Klain.
  14. William Finch : Best wishes to Scott and his family.
  15. Sean Randall : We love you Matzka family!
  16. Michael Newman :
  17. Terry McNabb :
  18. Bradley Cuddeback :
  19. Steven Goodfriend :
  20. Scott Zogbaum :
  21. Christopher Kurpeikis : Go Blue and Godspeed
  22. Jason Hutty :
  23. Joseph Russo :
  24. John O'Kane :
  25. Potter Polk :
  26. James Pappas :
  27. Scott Willard :
  28. Thomas Ward :
  29. Kenneth Corwen :
  30. jacob haas :
  31. timothy Lyons :
  32. Kim Deetz :
  33. Marty Reasoner :
  34. Sandra Cabrera :
  35. Aimee Dungo :
  36. Anonymous
  37. ALLAN PASHCOW : Best Wishes!!
  38. David Dillmeier :
  39. Katie Fife : In support of Scott, his family and old friends;)
  40. Matt Cohen :
  41. Matt Cohen :
  42. Lisa Wickerson :
  43. Stanley frackowiak : Best wishes to Scott and his family
  44. Bruce Patterson :
  45. Jennifer Baumann :
  46. Charles Coleman :
  47. JonA Morehouse :
  48. Michael Castleforte :
  49. Phil Byers : Best wishes to you and your family, Scott.
  50. Chris Frescoln :
  51. Cindy Anderson : Sending love to Scott and his family
  52. Crystal Anderson :
  53. ryan anair :
  54. Jennifer Anderson :
  56. Rebecca Pellegrino :
  57. Anonymous
  58. Edmund Bingham :
  59. Ross Green :
  60. Edward Meyer :
  61. Kari Hall :
  62. Brian Murphy :
  63. Stacy Clow :
  64. Anonymous
  65. Brandon Baer :
  66. Heather Kabnick :
  67. david lind :
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