Pints 4 Pete 2015 World Tour

May 7, 2015contact


About the Event

The Pints 4 Pete World Tour is one evening of pints, friends & music, to raise money and awareness for ALS in cities across the world – all made up of Pete’s extended network of friends.  Frate Train members across the globe will be organizing locations at their local pubs to meet up, have a pint and raise awareness for our mission to strike out ALS.




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$86,283   Raised

Goal: $33,333

Leader Board

Pints Top 10

LocationTotal RaisedPledge Page
Beverly, MA $20,000.00
Boston, MA $17,924.00
Houston, TX $11,323.88
New York City $8,031.00
Washington, DC $5,000.00
Chicago, IL $2,891.00
San Diego, CA $2,113.00
Bedford, NH $1,720.00
Rye, NY $1,684.00
Atlanta, GA $1,655.00
San Francisco, CA $1,546.00
South Bend, IN $1,480.89
Lexington, MA $1,290.00
London, UK $1,020.00
Myrtle Beach, SC $1,000.00
Tampa, FL $980.00
Boise, ID $720.00
Burlington, VT $704.00
Denver, CO $630.00
Dallas, TX $625.00
Hamburg, Germany $563.00
Stockholm, Sweden $504.00
Philadelphia, PA $480.00
Portland, ME $417.00
Newburyport, MA $416.00
Los Angeles, CA $345.00
Austin, TX $310.00
Albany, NY $275.00
Nashville, TN $275.00
Columbus, OH $195.00
West Berlin N.J. $90.00
Greenwich, CT $50.00
Ontario, Canada $25.00
Wilkes-Barre, PA $0.00

Our Mission
Since diagnosis, while courageously battling the progression of this horrific disease, Pete has made it his mission to spread awareness about this often misunderstood and presently incurable disease. The Pete Frates #3 Fund helps with Pete’s medical care and expenses in addition to supporting him as he and his “Team Frate Train” carry on his mission of finding a treatment and cure for ALS.