About Our Team

We are the Naughty Narwhals and we are taking the plunge to help eliminate homelessness here on the North Shore. Your support is greatly appreciated and please check back often to see how we are doing!


So far we have raised $1,735.00


Naughty Narwhals

PlungerAmount RaisedPlunge Pageidteampost_idmeta_key
Noah Quist $800.00 http://www.sbtwf.com/polarplungenorthshore/plunge/naughty-narwhals-are-doing-their-part/ 1.076 Naughty Narwhals 1.076 _pfund_gift-tally
Brian Rand $290.00 http://www.sbtwf.com/polarplungenorthshore/plunge/brian-rands-plunge-page/ 1.115 Naughty Narwhals 1.115 _pfund_gift-tally
Holly Skipper $275.00 http://www.sbtwf.com/polarplungenorthshore/plunge/holly-s-plunge-page/ 1.117 Naughty Narwhals 1.117 _pfund_gift-tally
Scott Jamieson $250.00 http://www.sbtwf.com/polarplungenorthshore/plunge/scott-jamiesons-plunge-page/ 1.114 Naughty Narwhals 1.114 _pfund_gift-tally
Sheena Ernest $120.00 http://www.sbtwf.com/polarplungenorthshore/plunge/sheena-ernests-plunge-page/ 1.116 Naughty Narwhals 1.116 _pfund_gift-tally





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