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On Super Bowl Sunday, before we all enjoy watching the Patriots, I will be plunging into the frigid Atlantic Ocean in Salem to raise money for local individuals and families that need affordable housing or a homeless shelter on the North Shore.

As a marathoner, we are crazy by nature and seeing that this is a CRAZY idea it seems fitting that I try it at least once in my life!

I am participating as a member of Bates Beaconators! Bates is the FANTASTIC school that Emily attends! Be prepared for video's and pictures of me during and after!

Thank you in advance for your donation to what I believe are great local charities!

All donations benefit: North Shore Community Development Coalition, River House, and the Salem Education Foundation.


The brave men & woman hit the water during last year's plunge.

On February 5th, a group of us will be taking the Plunge to help fight homelessness here on the North Shore.

Massachusetts is the third most expensive state in the nation for housing. In our region, a family earning the area median income cannot afford to buy a median-priced home. Homelessness is on the rise across the U.S. and it affects hundreds of families right here in our own backyards.

Everyone deserves a place to call home and taking the plunge is one small but imporant way of helping. If you would like to help just enter your Pledge information in the box on the right.

Thank you for your support and I hope to see you on the beach!

My Supporters

  1. Alana Bresnahan :
  2. Crystal Burt : Go girl!
  3. Anonymous
  4. Leans Taft : I want to see wet hair, all the way under!
  5. Amanda McCann : You go girl! Dive right in for such a great cause !!
  6. Lisa Dutton : All the way, baby!! Love you!
  7. Charla Greene : You are amazing!
  8. Kathleen Sullivan : You Rock Alana! Thanks for spreading kindness 
  9. Dolores LeBrassuer : You're insane, but we love you!
  10. Gina Anderson : You're nuts! But we love you anyway, Auntie! Good luck!  The Andersons
  11. Lisa Morrow : Best of luck to the best work BFF ever!
  12. jonathan long : Frozen in purpose.
  13. Robin Reale : Gonna watch you freeze like a freezepop - Love Olivia and Robin
  14. Kimberly Perkins-Murillo : better you than me (you know who said that. lol!!!)
  15. Tracy DeJoy-Wahbeh : You are a crazy person, but I love you!
  16. Angel Nelson : Good luck!
  17. Dorothy Galante : Larry and I think you're crazy but true of heart 
  18. Corrie Trahan : Love you!
  19. Frank Buono : Stay warm(ish)!
  20. Mary-Jo DeJoy : You just getting over being sick, but d u no all the way. Love y o u!
  21. Kaitlin Maguire : So awesome!!!
  22. Donna LeBrasseur :
  23. Patrice Tries : So proud of you!!! Better have hot chocolate ready!!! Burrrr! Can't wait to see the video. Love you girly! xo GO FOR IT!!!! xox
  24. Kathrin Williams : You inspire us big time!!
  25. Michelle King :
  26. Lori Seuch : To my favorite NKOTB, Grey's, This is US, Coalition cheerleader extraordinaire-so glad you're a part of my life!
  27. Anonymous
  28. Matthew Brasseur :
  29. Jennifer Martancik : you crazy.
  30. Maura Strickland : I thought training/running a marathon was crazy..and then I saw this. You're amazing!
  31. SUNDER SINGHANI : Hopefully your good karma will help the Brady bunch. Go Pats! and Go Alana!
  32. Russ LeBrasseur :
  33. Dolores Bresnahan : Good Luck
  34. jeanne forand : Have fun in the cold water, yikes.. I am very proud of you.
  35. Linda Schoendorf : You are an inspiration. Thank your for all of your support last year during my marathon quest.
  36. Jennifer Marchio : The world needs more Alana Bresnahans. Proud to support you and such a worthy and necessary cause! xox
  37. Karen Kattar :
  38. Bethany Rappoli : Good luck to a crazy lady with an amazing spirit! #plungehappy
  39. Michelle DiIeso : I couldn't help but DOUBLE your goal! You are a fundraising pro! I love you and the crazy things you do for others!
  40. Kelley Bresnahan : We love you Crazy Auntie Kyra, Meeghan, Dillon, Kelley and David
  41. Maria Willard : We all love you so much, but you are insane.
  42. Stephanie Cave : You go girl! Love Steph and Haley
  43. Caroline Jouhourian : Because you are one of the most kind hearted and giving person I know!
  44. Jaclyn Braga : When we sang "into the ocean" I didn't mean this... :)
  45. Alana Routhier : Go Alana!!
  46. Ann Beaupre : You're totally insane, but that's why I love you!
  47. holly butcher grant : Go Alana!
  48. Ashley Davey : You go girl!!
  49. Sharon Cooper : You are one very amazing lady!
  50. Mark DiSessa : Always good to see that my friends from high school are still nuts!
  51. Allison Twyeffort : Love you!
  52. Cathleen Cole : You're a brave soul!! 
  53. kelli fili : Now get warm!!
  54. Amanda Peterson :
  55. Stephen MacLellan : Great swim, very proud of you!!!
  56. SUNDER SINGHANI : You did it! Here's to your courage and spirit!
  57. Deborah Allen : Watched you in that freezing cold water and you were awesome.
  58. Deborah DiIeso : Very Impressive undertaking!
  59. Sharon Cooper : Congratulations
  60. Alyssa Galante :
  61. Kathleen Wilder : Go, Alana! Great work continuing your crazy adventures and supporting North Shore families.
  62. Patricia Scarpetti : You Rock!!
  63. Kira Houlihan :
  64. Other Donations :
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