North Shore Polar Plunge

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Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s time for the annual Polar Plunge —that awesome community event that helps end homelessness and build affordable housing. Since 2007, hundreds of brave folks of all ages have jumped into the ocean on Super Bowl Sunday to raise money for our neighbors in need.


February 4th, 2018
Winter Island, Salem
Check-in at 9:30 a.m.
Plunge at 11:00 a.m.
Post-Plunge Party at Salem Winter Island Function Hall


February 4th, 2018
Beverly Lynch Park
Check-in at 11:00 a.m.
Plunge at 12:30 p.m.
Post-Plunge Party at Beverly High Cafeteria


About the Plunge

Take the plunge to end homelessness and build affordable housing on the North Shore! The Polar Plunge is great fun for a great cause!

Each Super Bowl Sunday, hundreds of brave supporters of all ages jump into the wintery waves to raise money for our neighbors in need right here on the North Shore of Boston.

The hardy souls who plunge gather donations from friends, relatives, coworkers, and others. Proceeds from the Polar Plunge benefit these outstanding local nonprofits:


North Shore CDC invests in neighborhoods to create thriving communities. We envision a North Shore where every neighborhood is one of choice and opportunity.  Learn more…
River House helps homeless men return to lives of self-sufficiency and provides affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals. Learn more…



Salem Education Foundation - A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community involvement and investment in the public schools of Salem.

Participation in this plunge is voluntary and not sponsored by Salem or Beverly public schools.


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Our Goal

$5,989 Raised

Goal: $40,000

Leader Board

Find your Plunger in the list below

Plunger$ RaisedPledge Page
Savannah Sells $570.00
Luke Taylor $429.00
Joey McManus $405.00
Brendan Murphy $380.00
Lydia Tierney $340.00
Team Waring $335.00
Jake Lefker $335.00
Ann Poeske $325.00
Alana Bresnahan $265.00
Caitie Rooney $225.00
Reese Lizotte $220.00
Chris Freeze $200.00
Makena Garriepy $150.00
Delia Collins $140.00
Doug Cabot $130.00
Kim Servizio $120.00
Kate Shea $100.00
Ethan Pyle $80.00
Xavier Pyle $80.00
Zach Gobeil $80.00
Micah Bertolino $80.00
Adeline Abell $70.00
Logan Morin $70.00
Shayla Morin $70.00
Nick Beurekjian $60.00
Myles Newsome $55.00
Leonard Rubin $55.00
Sophia Schiff $50.00
Justin Schiff $50.00
Emma Conlon $50.00
Kelly Gwynn-Newsome $45.00
Benjamin Gaglione $45.00
Camron Kozak $40.00
John Romano Jr. $40.00
Christian Gauthier $40.00
Neely Harrington $40.00
John OConnell $35.00
Lucas Knight $30.00
Team Carlton $25.00
Kaylee Campbell $25.00
Matthew Campbell $25.00
Molly Mercier $20.00
Kylie Michaud $20.00
Dana Blackler $10.00
Brenden Connolly $10.00
Team Centerville $5.00
Team Ayers $5.00
Emily Mercier $5.00
Brooke Ryan $5.00
Team Briscoe $0.00
Team Cove $0.00
Team Hannah $0.00
Team North Beverly $0.00
Team Saltonstall $0.00
Team Witchcraft Heights $0.00
Team Salem Prep High School $0.00
Team Youth Build $0.00
Team Beverly High $0.00
Team SACS $0.00
Team Salem High School $0.00
Team Bentley $0.00
Team Nathaniel Bowditch $0.00
Team Horace Mann $0.00
Kelly Cahill $0.00
Team Collins $0.00
Marlena Afonso $0.00
Miriam Balata $0.00
Kristen Thomas $0.00
Michael Lister $0.00
Mary Bigus $0.00
Cynthia Quinn $0.00
Alyssa Osborne $0.00
Ryan Osborne $0.00
Suzanne Conlon $0.00
Santo Quartarone $0.00
Logan Abboud $0.00
Kyle Depina $0.00
Princessa Paredes $0.00
Soterios Giannias $0.00
Medrano Deschene $0.00
Dylan Thatcher $0.00
Selia Rocheville $0.00
Maria Cutone $0.00
Hailey Justo $0.00
Sammi Chasse $0.00
Chelsea Martinez $0.00
Carrie Martinez $0.00
Shawna Lugo $0.00
Julia Sumner $0.00
Austin Martinez $0.00
Ainsley Kyllingstad $0.00
Dolly Farha $0.00
Graham Feldman $0.00
Jeffrey Chruniak $0.00
Brayden Cecilio $0.00
Matthew Qualkenbush $0.00
Thomas O'Neill $0.00
Bethany Bain $0.00
Jenn Cripps $0.00
Alexa Carr $0.00
Anthony Gaglione $0.00
Luna Schiller $0.00
Nevaeh Hairston $0.00
Will Stomberg $0.00
Paul Taylor $0.00
Phineas Karambis $0.00
Alex Rodriguez $0.00
Team Endicott $0.00
Jacob Michalski $0.00
Avery Swiniarski $0.00
Ana Gordan $0.00

Support Your Team!

Find Your Team Below

TeamAmount Raisednamepage
Ayers Bears $2,739.00 Ayers Bears|| Ayers Bears
Bates Beaconators $265.00 Bates Beaconators|| Bates Beaconators
Bentley Academy Charter School $180.00 Bentley Academy Charter School||Bentley Academy Charter School
BHS Panther Pride Plungers $0.00 BHS Panther Pride Plungers|| BHS Panther Pride Plungers
Briscoe Bombers $25.00 Briscoe Bombers|| Briscoe Bombers
Carlton Sea Stars $405.00 Carlton Sea Stars|| Carlton Sea Stars
Centerville Ice Breakers $5.00 Centerville Ice Breakers|| Centerville Ice Breakers
Collins Arctic Sharks $425.00 Collins Arctic Sharks|| Collins Arctic Sharks
Cove Cool Plungers $0.00 Cove Cool Plungers|| Cove Cool Plungers
Endicott College $0.00 Endicott College
Hannah Frosty Friends $0.00 Hannah Frosty Friends|| Hannah Frosty Friends
Horace Mann School of Fish $0.00 Horace Mann School of Fish|| Horace Mann School of Fish
Nathaniel Bowditch $0.00 Nathaniel Bowditch|| Nathaniel Bowditch
Putnam Street Penguins $595.00 Putnam Street Penguins|| Putnam Street Penguins
Salem High School $130.00 Salem High School|| Salem High School
Salem Prep High School $0.00 Salem Prep High School|| Salem Prep High School
Saltonstall Sea Lions $0.00 Saltonstall Sea Lions|| Saltonstall Sea Lions
The Waring Team $335.00 The Waring Team
Witchcraft Heights Winter Warriors $145.00 Witchcraft Heights Winter Warriors|| Witchcraft Heights Winter Warriors
Youth Build North Shore $0.00 Youth Build North Shore|| Youth Build North Shore